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MBA Program

The Ajou MBA Program is committed to nurturing talented business executives and contributing to changing the world.

The Ajou MBA Program is designed to let corporate workers without a business degree become familiar with general concepts of business management and business majors learn more specialized knowledge.
We differentiate ourselves with following characteristics:

1. Most courses are available online, so you can keep up with classes even during business trips or corporate trainings.

2. We have convenient offline class hours which you can choose between weekday evening sessions (Monday through Thursday) and weekend sessions (Saturday a.m. through p.m.).

3. As many as 12 different majors are offered for you to choose from, catering to your own needs.

4. Offline lectures are based on the newest academic trends of the year and online lectures are generally updated every 3 years.

5. Coaching and SAP certification majors will be granted the opportunity to acquire both the certifications and an MBA at the same time.

6. Some of our graduates advance to PhD programs and obtain the degree.

7. Our courses are taught by the best scholars who have studied in world-class universities in the US, Canada, France, and other advanced nations.

8. We offer various extracurricular activities including small-group academic societies, hiking, golf, musical band, guitar, dancing, consulting, and coaching.

9. Our alumni network is one of the biggest in Korea with more than 6,500 graduates involved in diverse activities under the Ajou GSB Alumni Association.

10. We offer full scholarships to a number of selected North Korean defectors to foster them as leaders of a unified Korea in the future.

The Executive Program

The Ajou Executive Program is committed to helping incumbent CEOs and executives build the necessary character, knowledge, and leadership required to become global leaders.

Only leaders with a true global mindset will be able to survive in today's competitive economy. Our goal is to educate executives to become global leaders who understand the latest trends with expansive perspectives and deep insights, set up competitive strategies and implement them by communicating with people around the world. We differentiate ourselves with the following characteristics:

1. The courses are offered Tuesday evenings 18:30~22:00 for two semesters.

2. You will take classes not only with your classmates of the same semester but also with your seniors and freshmen, broadening your connections.

3. We have introduced the "Peter Drucker's Management" session, which will be taught 4 times each semester.

4. We offer courses focused on presentation, speech, business manners, posture, leadership coaching, etc., that would help you develop crucial skills required for business executives.

5. We offer courses on core subjects for management including taxation, finance, HRM, organization management, marketing, etc.

6. We offer special lectures from distinguished figures and lectures for spouses.

7. We have a thriving extracurricular golf community.

8. We offer an overseas program during the vacations.

9. We have an alumni network of 1,500 graduates engaging in diverse activities with current students through the golf community and other networking groups.

10. Some of our graduates advance into the MBA program or start a 4-year college degree after gaining confidence through our program.