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Let's make honorable assets to pass down to our future generations.

The Akyung Scholarship Foundation was founded in April 11, 2007, with donations from alumni, students, faculty, and parents of Ajou GSB, seeking to help nurture talent and promote development through scholarship schemes as well as through education and research projects.

Dear Ajou GSB students and alumni,
Our graduates are widely acknowledged by the Korean business circle and we surely have many aspects to take pride in. One of them is the Akyung Scholarship Project which has been carried out each year since 2002. This project was launched with a modest fund but has now grown to a large organization that grants scholarships worth KRW 60m yearly to Ajou GSB. A fair number of competent but underprivileged students were able to continue their studies thanks to this support.
I would like to thank all the alumni who have sponsored us.

We often hear "Invest in stocks for next year, invest in land for the next 5 years, plant a tree for the next decade, and invest in education for the next century." Identifying and fostering competent individuals is undoubtedly the best way to plan for the next 100 years and is a wise investment for the future. Strengthening national competitiveness is at the heart of our concerns in today's economy, and a highly competitive nation is built on the foundation of competitive educational system and institutions. The United States was able to construct today's unrivaled economy backed up by its leading higher education system which supplies brains and promotes research & development. The US also boasts of its culture of donation which in large part finances of these institutions. It is said that more than 10% of university and college budgets are funded by donation.

It is not yet common in Korea for an alumni association of a business school to establish a scholarship foundation. If we make it a success, I believe we will be respected by our society, by people ofall walks of life. Dear Ajou GSB members, please join us in our efforts to make a better world and pioneering a new future.

Let's make a new history of Ajou GSB altogether!

We hope the brains we helped breed advance onto the world stage and the research projects we funded help save humanity. We look forward to support from all of you in this heartwarming project. We wish you all the best. Thank you.

Hyung-kyun Kim,
Chairman of the Akyung Scholarship Foundation