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Hello, fellow students and graduates!
This is Sang-dae Hong, the 26th chairman of Ajou GSB Alumni Association.

Marking our 28th anniversary last year, the Ajou GSB took another leap forward.
We started off with 40 students enrolled the first year and now have become a large community of more than 5,000 alumni.

The Ajou GSB Alumni Association is a single community embracing all programs within the department. All members of the MBA and Executive Programs are united in the Alumni Association.
This represents our unique culture of integration which cannot be found in other business schools.
Within the Alumni Association, we also have a number of active small groups based on regions, industries, professions, or other common interests of our alumni.
Now, we are dedicated to further consolidating our Alumni Association.

Let's make our Association be engaging to more graduates!
Let's all become one by building stronger bonds among ourselves!
We are committed to contributing to the consistent development of Ajou GSB by establishing such an alumni group.

This year marks the 26th anniversary of Ajou GSB.
I sincerely hope that the students and alumni altogether feel the ascending atmosphere of Ajou GSB, and I appreciate everyone who has supported us so far.
Thank you.

Sang-dae Hong,
The 26th Chairman of the Ajou GSB Alumni Association