Executive Program

Program Introduction

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  • Executive Program
  • Program Introduction
Executive Program Outline
  • Target

    CEOs, Executives, High-level officials

  • When

    One-year course (Two semesters) Tuesdays 18:30 ~ 21:30

  • Where

    Ajou University Dasan Hall 301

Learn from our superior faculty and outstanding figures in the Business Management circle!

The Ajou GSB faculty consists of excellent scholars from the business management academia.
All professors are distinguished scholars in business management or related fields and we invite top-class businessmen or social figures for Thursday special sessions.

A one-year program filled with enriching activities

The Ajou Executive Program is a one-year program, providing a more intensive education compared to the generally 6-month courses of other institutions. Your academic year in the Ajou Executive Program will be full of diverse activities in addition to regular lectures, such as special lectures by industry leaders, workshops, special lectures for spouses, overseas program, visits to organizations run by alumni, and so on.

Selective lectures covering extensive topics

The contents of our lectures are based on a two-pronged curriculum which combines theoretical ideas about business management methods with practical experiences immediately pertinent to on-the-ground jobs. Moreover, all of our faculty members are renowned scholars in Business Management or related fields. The courses consist of subjects on Leadership for Executives, Marketing, Organizational Management, Finance, Accounting, and special lectures given by outside figures in various fields. After class hours, students will also have opportunities to build close relationships with each other through numerous seminars.

Solid network across all alumni

Our unrivaled alumni network of 1,452 graduates maintains strong connections even after graduation by holding regular reunions. We hold monthly reunions as well as Akyung Forums with professors where graduates pay visits to each others' organizations to share management know-how and coordinate co-training, co-exhibitions, joint projects with universities, and many other events.

Diverse extracurricular groups and CSR activities

Many small extracurricular groups are operating under different purposes beyond class reunions such as regional groups, a golf group, a hiking group, a group of former student council members, and many others. Our faculty members are also dedicated to guiding such extracurricular groups to be more open and productive. Furthermore, we have granted scholarships worth KRW100m yearly for 7 consecutive years through the Akyung Scholarship Foundation. Our alumni are also participating in various CSR activities like community fundraising campaigns, youth guidance, inmate reformation, and so forth.

  • Course completion certificate granted for students with attendance rates of 80% or above. (A non-degree program - 1 year track)
  • Discount for Ajou University Hospital
  • Opportunities to take lectures with different classmates
  • Join the network of 6,500 Executive Program alumni.
  • Join the network of Ajou GSB alumni which includes the MBA Program alumni.
  • A consulting service is available from experts in law, technological development, management, taxation, finance, etc.