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Why the Ajou MBA Program?

1) Get certificates in addition to an MBA.

Coaching and Ajou-SAP majors will be offered internationally acknowledged certificates (ACC, NLP, SAP, etc.) in addition to the MBA degree.

2) Choose freely from online and offline lectures.

You may choose to learn and socialize in offline lectures or take online lectures when not available in person. We also offer mobile lectures for your convenience while traveling.

3) Choose your area of focus from our broad selection of majors.

We offer the most diverse selection of majors including Finance, Accounting, Management Strategy, HRM, Marketing, MS/OM, e-Business, Hospital Management, Coaching, Negotiation, Ajou-SAP, etc.

4) Learn from our superior faculty.

Learn from the best professors with PhDs from the most renowned colleges.

5) Get a degree with fewer credits

You will be granted a degree in 2 years (4 semesters) provided you meet the requirement of 39 credits. We have a compact, efficient curriculum with less burdensome credit requirements.

6) Benefit from our affordable tuition.

We offer an MBA program for approximately half the tuition of other MBA programs along with various scholarship opportunities.

7) Connect with the largest alumni network.

Expand your network with our 6,500 alumni in diverse areas.