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We recruit newcomers who can play any kind of instrument. Anyone with passion for music may join us. We look forward to your application.
We are the music band of Ajou GSB. We recruit new members each year. Our passion for music is the biggest driver that bonds us together, more than how well each of us can play an instrument. Anyone who is in love with music may join the team. Join us, and music will make your GSB life even more fascinating!
The Ajou GSB Hospital Management MBA has a decade-old history, and was approved by the Student Association of Ajou GSB Hospital Management in July 2012 as well as by the Ajou GSB Alumni Association. We pride ourselves in maintaining a solid relationship among all members and are committed to making a new history of Ajou GSB Hospital Management Department.
We seek mutual development among our members by sharing the newest business trends and information across different industries or divisions while holding regular socializing events.
"Hiking is like vitamins for a more glamorous, fun, exciting GSB life." Through hiking you will be able to learn all kinds of virtues like confidence, diligence, humility, persistence, while making yourself stronger. Hiking might seem a challenge if you are alone, but it will be easier with a group.
Marketing is a crucial tool for today's corporations, particularly under the current economy of oversupply. Ajou Marketing Academy is a group where you can study your customers. It's safe to say that customers are everything in doing business. Are you interested in understanding the psychology and behavior of your customers and learning how to effectively persuade them to purchase your products? Come join us! We provide you with an environment where you can discuss your business concerns with colleagues and find solutions together. We are waiting for those who strive to create new markets. At AMA, you will encounter everything about marketing, from basic theories to hands-on B2B marketing experience.
COSMOS stands for "COach, Self MOtivation & Study". We operate regular seminars where you can develop coaching techniques and methods as well as share knowledge. We also provide 1:1 coaching. The purpose of coaching is to help individuals more precisely understand their life goals and intentions as to unleash their full potential in life. Today, coaching has become a popular technique worldwide and it can be utilized in all sectors. Join us to challenge yourself and bring changes in society.